Why is the current citizen cell tower agitation getting things wrong?


  Over the last some years, we have seen citizen movements to remove cell phone towers from RWAs, societies and parks. These are well meaning initiatives except that they are possibly wrongly directed. The Indian authorities – Department of Telecommunication (DoT), Telecom Evaluation Centre (TEC) and Telecom Enforcement, Resource and Monitoring (TERM) cells have mandated cell […]

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EMR White Paper

EMR white paper - The health risks associated with Electro Magnetic Radiation white paper and solution document.

Dear Visitor Please feel free to download the EMR White Paper to help you understand EMR, its effects and prevention with cure. All you have to do is to fill in the form and the download link shall be send to your email.  

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Brightsandz Catalogue

Brightsandz Catalogue | Anti Radiation Protection Services

Dear Visitor Please feel free to download the Brightsandz Catalogue to help you understand us better. All you have to do is to fill in the form and the download link shall be send to your email.  

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Product Review: Brightsandz anti-radiation maternity dress tops


Electro-magnetic radiations (EMR) are known to penetrate concrete walls. How does a fabric screen EMR? We are surrounded by less than healthy levels of microwave/ electromagnetic radiations. Prolonged exposures to consistent medium levels of Radio frequency fields can be harmful to health in extended periods of time. It is proven that unborn children are the […]

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An incompetent’s guide to regulating and managing EMR safety standards – the absurdity of ICNIRP norms.


Are you one of those who believe that the proof of fire and temperature is in burning your own self? The International commission on non-ionizing radiation protection (ICNIRP) is an independent body, that specializes in non-ionizing radiation. For starters, non-ionizing radiation is that part of the spectrum which is supposed to be feeble enough non […]

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Electromagnetic Radiation and Infertility


In recent years, with the increasing usage of mobile devices and cell-phones in particular, there have been a lot of studies and opinions on the harmful effects of Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from these devices. One of the key areas of concern of increasing usage of EMR emitting devices is on its negative relation with fertility […]

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Sowing seeds of Infertility

Male infertility

More than 40 years after the demonstration of the first hand-held cell phone, we are now truly beginning to realize the magnitude of impact of that event and developments to follow on all forms of our daily life. True that we cannot imagine our lives without a mobile device anymore. But that very unimaginable life […]

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Health effects of microwave radiation: Scare-mongering? Hyperbole? Or a potential epidemic of frightening proportions?


It is difficult to reason with denial – I realized this while speaking to one of the directors at DoT (Department of Telecommunication) yesterday afternoon. Nonetheless, this post tries to address the controversy around electromagnetic radiation/ microwave radiation. Are we dealing with just commercial scare mongering or a hyperbole? Or is it a genuine epidemic […]

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The health risks associated with ElectroMagnetic Radiation


Sharing with all our readers, a white paper on EMR and its wide-ranging effects on the eco-systems and humans. This paper also captures the (lack of) standards and legislation around EMR in India and why the cities and people of India are at a greater epidemic risk from this modern evil. Health risks @ Electro […]

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Of WiFi in schools and the path of prudent avoidance


Internet enabled education/schools – is there a dark side to it?  An increasing number of governments, town and city authorities, scientists, activists, researchers and public health authorities around the world are agitating and demanding a ban on Wi-Fi in schools. At the least, these protests are imploring for a precautionary approach to WiFi in schools […]

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Dealing with a dystopian world where smoking and radiation are not health risks!


Did you know doctors once embraced tobacco and endorsed it? In the early 1920s the Wallstreet was all boomtown as was the growth of the tobacco industry in the USA – smoking was a social norm. The moral and health implications of cigarette smoking had always lingered and there was no proper “scientific” or “medical” evidence […]

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New Research firmly establishes Cell phone Radiation as a carcinogen and a public health hazard


Has this new study finally stripped ICNIRP standards of 1998 and proven its absurdity A new study by expert published by Igor Yakymenko&EvgeniySidorik (Institute of experimental pathology, oncology and radiobiology, Kiev, Ukraine); Diane Henshel (School of public and environmental affairs, Indiana university, Bloomington, IN, US) and SergiyKyrylenko (Department of structural and functional biology, university of […]

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