Is your cellphone Microwaving you?


Blackberry was one of the few phone makers that put out stringent restrictions and caveats to consumers on usage of its phones in its user manuals. Apple also tucks in a atleast 5mm device to human body distance advisory in its phone. Follow the path About>Legal>RF Exposure on your iPhone to get there. Sadly we […]

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What is the effect of smartphone and WiFi radiation on newborns?

effect of smartphone and WiFi radiation on newborns

I have a newborn & have been reading research that cellphone radiation has been linked to malformed embryos & that young children are more susceptible to cancers from cellphone radiation. Irrespective of whether this is for certain I will take the path of caution & assume that it is harmful. Assuming this type of radiation […]

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EMR: The lies and half truths that “they” would like you to believe


The Economic Times carried an article yesterday, about EMR – trying to allay fears and confusion around it. When we deconstructed the facts borne in the article, we found that most of them were misleading – either blatant lies or convenient half truths. There after, we put the facts in perspective and are re-printing what […]

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EMR Home Audits: How we do it?

Russian Roulete 30012015

The legislative, scientific, social and the lobbyists are still debating the no-effects and ill effects of Microwave Radiation. The jury is out and the discussion is far from resolved, but one thing is clear – by surrounding yourself 24*365 with wireless devices with inadequate understanding and protection, you may actually be risking a lot out […]

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Is your Bedroom EMR safe?


Close to a fourth or third of our lives are spent in bedrooms. A fitful sleep is a natural aphrodisiac for a lot of health related problems. Given that this is a large static activity, it is key that we take adequate prevention towards excess radiation exposure at sleep. In this post, we list methods […]

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Are you suffering from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS)?


Sensitizing you about Electromagnetic hypersensitivity. A key deliverable for the central and state governments will be the successful execution of the Smart city projects – primarily cities with access to WiFi in its public areas. The key concern that arises is given that cellular transmissions in India are so badly regulated, will WiFi enabled smart […]

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3 lifestyle choices towards limiting your radiation exposure


Forget the cell tower located at 100 metres distance from your home. Your greatest EMR ghost may be your pet device – that you tot around In the past few days, I have come across separate statements from a Union minister, a chairperson of a telecom regulatory body and a head of one of the […]

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Is Bluetooth safe?


Bluetooth (BT) applies to a short distance data transmission technology, using short wavelength UHF in the band 2.4GHz to 2.485GHz. However, since Bluetooth is not expected to travel long distances and especially for the personal Bluetooth applications, they carry very small quantum of energy. In terms of Specific Absorption Rate (SAR), Bluetooth headsets is in […]

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How can i measure EMF in my home?


Mr. Victor Banerjee from Hindmotor, Kolkata and Mr.Himmat Bhandari from Chanheti, Bareilly are few of the many who doubt that everything is not right with the Telecom tower in their society or house premises. However they don’t know who to ask?  Both these individuals have contacted Brightsandz for a EMR home audit – one of our specialties. […]

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