Harmful effects of Microwave: Why Microwave ovens are the unhealthiest cooking options?


Microwave ovens have been the mainstay of kitchens and cooking for a while now. Microwaving had rapidly gained popularity as a simple, convenient cooking option for people on the go. However, Microwave ovens have also been under the scanner for the use of artificial electro-magnetic radiation. While this leads to exposure to very high levels […]

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Carrying your mobile in your trouser pocket? Here’s what it can do to your fertility.

Trouser Pocket

Around 95% of us carry our mobile phones in our trouser pockets. Many of us carry two mobiles in two pockets. Some of us use a bluetooth for speaking but we keep the phone in the trouser pocket. Here’s a compilation of known effects of cell phone radiation on the male sperm. As a nation, […]

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What you should know about Electromagnetic radiation exposures?

Exposure to Celltower radiation

Did you know? 1. If your home is within 150 meter distance of a cell tower, your cell tower radiation exposure could be on the outer limits of safe zone (as defined in Bio-Initiative report) 2. If your home is too far from the cell tower, chances are the your cell phone radiation is higher […]

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