Why your children face greater threat from Microwave Radiation than you ever did

Sleeping child

Increased exposure of children to cellphones, Wifi and the digital network ensure that childhood is not “The wonder years” anymore. As parents, most of us would be very careful not to expose our children to vehicle fumes, pesticides, lead compounds. These amongst about 250 other agents are identified as class 2B carcinogens – cancer causing […]

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Radiation exposure limits : Explaining ICNIRP and Bio-Initiative radiation standards


Is ICNIRP radiation exposure limit correct? Or is Bio-Initiative report exposure limit better? There is no direct concurrent answer to these. What we do know that EMR is declared as a carcinogen by WHO in 2011. This post demystifies the numbers around radiation exposure limits and different perspectives around them. 1. In May 2011, World […]

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