EMF Radiation and the next generation epidemics – Part I


EMF Radiation has been declared as a Class 2B carcinogen by WHO (World Health Organization) and IARC (International agency for research on cancer) on May 31st 2011. This puts EMF radiation as same class of carcinogen as DDT, Chloroform, welding fumes, lead, vehicle exhausts amongst others. However, it doesnot stop at that. EMF Radiation is […]

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Not all smartphones are created equal. Some are more harmful than others


Are you considering a gifting a smartphone? With Diwali around the corner and Ecommerce raining discounts, smartphones become the choicest gift for the festival of lights for your near and dear ones but how safe is the smartphone that you are buying? Your smartphone purchase needs to migrate from Camera megapixels, Screen size, RAM capacity […]

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