The inevitability of EMR!

Telecommunication, internet and devices – these are extremely powerful agents of change levelling playing fields across people, economies, businesses and nations. However, like all good things, telecom systems also have an unaddressed evil attached to it. As networks and users grow, there also grows the lattice network of Electromagnetic Radiation – which has serious effects on individual and public health. Having spent considerable time in the industry, we understand the debate and reality of the effects of Electromagnetic Radiation.

Electromagnetic radiation has been around for years – any electrical equipment produces EMR. However, the current proliferation of mobile phones, electronic devices and an inadequate understanding of the risks associated with EMR make it a terrible risk. Today, the scientific and the social debate is split between the no effects and the ill-effects of Electromagnetic Radiation. The jury is out, and the discussion is far from resolved, but one thing is clear – that by, being surrounded with wireless devices with no protection, you may actually be risking your health and the health and well-being of others around you. While we take a much more serious view of the adverse effects of EMR on humans (and even on birds, bees); our simple advise to you is to be cautious and follow a prevention based approach.


Who are we?

Brightsandz (Radiation Protection Services) is an Anti-Radiation services consultancy venture headquartered in Delhi. It is formed by 4 entrepreneurs with over 50 years of technology and telecom experience. We have been a part of the telecom industry as it has transformed itself a vital enabler to people, societies and the nation in general. Telecom, Phones and Internet are wonderful inventions – which has the highest transformative capacity and promise in terms of inventions throughout human history.

The core philosophy behind Brightsandz Anti-radiation services is to acknowledge a possible epidemic of frightening proportions around EMR and enable you to take precautions to counter this threat. Backed by leading experts in the domain of Electromagnetic Radiation and dedicated professionals, we are driven by a passion for a secure, sustainable and harmonious lifestyle within the relentless modern day regimes. We follow the define, measure, analyze, implement and control rule for minimizing Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) outages.

The current understanding of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) is sketchy and confusing. There are multiple reports in agreement and disagreement of EMR. Certain quarters of the industry would want to side step the risks associated with EMR as a public menace, while others are nonchalant and people are bewildered. Our honest endeavor is to create an awareness around Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) and allow you to measure your life spaces, and take suitable measures to reduce the risk to your life and the life of your family from EMR. An informed family and an aware society is the key to Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) protection.

Our Services and Products

City mapping

We are creating a radiation map of our cities to understand the spatial distribution and density of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR). This will help understand those areas of the city that are at maximum risk of extreme high Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) exposure. Radiation reading of your localities (office and home) will help us define your radiation exposures against a scale of radiation exposures.

Home/ Work space audits

While City mapping is a macro map of your EMR exposures, EMR audits of your home and office environs provide the exact number. It helps you understand the exact exposures that you and the members of your families are subject to scaled to the health risks at large. We encourage households with pregnant women, kids (less than 10 years age), patients (especially those with pacemakers and/or other heart ailments) to actively get Home EMR done. We also encourage schools, office premises, BPO complexes, hospitals to get EMR audits done.

Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) Products

Having identified the need for protection against Electromagnetic Radiation, we also provide different products to actively reduce the radiation exposure. This includes

  • Anti-radiation maternity dress tops
  • Anti-radiation kids dresses
  • Anti-radiation senior and patient dresses
  • Anti-radiation window screens
  • Anti-radiation window curtains and blinds
  • Personal Dossimeters
  • Anti-radiation wall papers
  • Mobile phone EMR surge guards

Location Certifications

We also provide location certifications in terms of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) safety. These locations are periodically mapped and measured for Radiation density and power. There-upon, we issue certifications to these locations. The devices and instruments used for certifying conform to the highest quality standards and certifications.

A Calibrated approach to controlling Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)

We follow the standardized approach to define the problem (awareness/ information on EMR), measure your life spaces, analyze your risks, implement solutions and control the EMR outages.


Dispelling the myth and fiction of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR). Why and where do you really need EMR protection?


How EMR affects you is different from how it affects your child


How well do you know your life and work space? We will audit your living spaces – Your city, your home, your work spaces.


Expert Solution to your Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) needs.
Limiting Outages.


Establishing a controlling mechanism that helps your monitor your risk and react to the EME risks.

Our Values

Driving awareness

Awareness is the first defense – in this case it could be the most critical one. We shall endeavor to take the layers of the confusing state of affairs and provide your answers.

Collective responsibility

Capturing a social epidemic before it happens. It involves you, it involves me, it involves us – a team, a society, a citizen force.

Process transparence

No black boxes. We involve you and include you in our Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) audits. After all you should be best informed about the risks to you, your family and your society.

Best in solution innovation