5 reasons to assess EMF radiation at your workplace


DDT is a banned insecticide and it causes cancer (Yes/No) Lead causes cancer (Yes/No) Vehicle exhaust gasses and welding gasses are cancer cancer causing (Yes/No) Did you say a “Yes” to all the three statements above? Do you know that EMF Radiation is as much a cancer agent as lead, vehicle exhaust, welding gasses or […]

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Do anti-radiation chips for mobiles really work?


Ever bought medicines for your child’s ailment from the roadside quack? If you dont consider doing that, why do you consider purchasing an anti-radiation chip for your mobile. Ever since we formed Brightsandz Technologies, there is a part in us – which has wanted to trade in radiation chips for mobiles, laptops, tablets. The trade […]

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iPhone 7: SAR, radiation and hacks


The 7th edition of the iconic Apple iPhone is on the stands. (Maynot exactly be the 7th version given the “S” and “SE” versions.) There are those in us, who have invested or intend to invest in this iconic device. With all that awesomeness and the exclusivity, the iPhone always lives upto the billing – […]

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EMF Radiation and the next generation epidemics – Part I


EMF Radiation has been declared as a Class 2B carcinogen by WHO (World Health Organization) and IARC (International agency for research on cancer) on May 31st 2011. This puts EMF radiation as same class of carcinogen as DDT, Chloroform, welding fumes, lead, vehicle exhausts amongst others. However, it doesnot stop at that. EMF Radiation is […]

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Not all smartphones are created equal. Some are more harmful than others


Are you considering a gifting a smartphone? With Diwali around the corner and Ecommerce raining discounts, smartphones become the choicest gift for the festival of lights for your near and dear ones but how safe is the smartphone that you are buying? Your smartphone purchase needs to migrate from Camera megapixels, Screen size, RAM capacity […]

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What is a Radiation premise audit? How it works?


Brightsandz Technologies is a clean technology organization committed to delivering cleaner and healthier life to you and people around you. Over the course of our lives and days we are exposed to various degrees and kinds of pollutants and pollution. While our standard of life has improved, our long term exposures to such agents have […]

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Mobile Tower Radiation norms Absurd, says WHO

cell tower

Communication with the help of Technology has become a globally recognized important tool for socio-economic development of a nation. It has become more of a core infrastructure requirement for growth and modernization of various sectors of a nation. Today, India is inevitably stands amongst top three of largest and one of the fastest growing telecom […]

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Is selfie a cause for wrinkles & skin damage?

Is selfies damage your skin DNA and give early wrinkles & aging

Reading this might get you goosebumps. Dermatologists are warning about the frequent electromagnetic radiation from our Smartphone, affecting our face. An innocuous act of shooting a selfie is potentially damaging for our skin’s DNA and speeding the aging process and premature wrinkles, as published by The Telegraph. Dermatologist Zein Obagi, the founder of Obagi Skin […]

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The Effects of Non-Ionizing Radiation in Modern World and Its Remedies

cell phone tower radiation

Recently there is a great increase in awareness about environmental pollution and various measures are being taken by authorities and individuals to curb it. Pollution is an inevitable outcome of technical advancement and as technology is evolving so is the kind and extent of pollution. One of the pollutants that until recently no one thought […]

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