Mobile Tower Radiation norms Absurd, says WHO

cell tower

Communication with the help of Technology has become a globally recognized important tool for socio-economic development of a nation. It has become more of a core infrastructure requirement for growth and modernization of various sectors of a nation. Today, India is inevitably stands amongst top three of largest and one of the fastest growing telecom […]

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The New age challenge of Electromagnetic radiation and ways to deal with it


The advancement in technology has brought newer aspects in human life and changed it in ways that no one thought possible earlier. On one hand the development of machines has reduced the requirement of human labor and on the other hand the very same mechanization of life has led to many complexities. One example of […]

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Do You Know How Your Gadgets Are Threatening Unborn Babies?

Protect your unborn babies from your gadgets

The risk of electro magnetic radiation is prevalent everywhere in our modern lifestyles. There is radiation from communication towers, cellular phones, microwave ovens and almost all the appliances and devices that we use nowadays. Pregnant women and unborn babies are particularly at a higher risk from this unseen radiation. Exposure to electromagnetic radiation reduces male […]

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Why a Delhiite needs to bother about Electro Magnetic Radiation ?

Delhi Electromagnetic Radiation Unsafe

Electro Magnetic Radiation in Delhi- This blog follows a recent face-off, where-by the municipal authorities in Delhi have stopped giving clearances to telecom operators to set up towers in residential areas in Delhi NCR. This move has two broad outcomes – restriction on installation of mobile towers in residential complexes can cripple telecom services in […]

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Infertility in couples is on the rise in India – here’s how you can take precaution.


A helping families survey backed by Indian Society for Assisted Reproduction (ISAR), across 9 key Indian cities, cites an incredible 46% rate of infertility in the 2562 couples who were surveyed. Nearly 34% of couples, abetween 21 and 30 years of age have opted for assisted reproduction technology (ART) after they experienced difficulties in conceiving […]

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Is your workplace as radiation safe as you think? The Anatomy of a low radiation workspace.

A SunGard Mobile Metro Center operates in Somerville, Mass., to demonstrate endpoint recovery., SOA

On an average, you would be spending 8 hours in your workspace for 5 days a week. That’s 25% of your week hours in your office and that’s a lot of exposure time to unwanted electromagnetic radiations. This post defines the office based infrastructure that creates unwanted work space radiation. We categorize these as communication […]

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Harmful effects of Microwave: Why Microwave ovens are the unhealthiest cooking options?


Microwave ovens have been the mainstay of kitchens and cooking for a while now. Microwaving had rapidly gained popularity as a simple, convenient cooking option for people on the go. However, Microwave ovens have also been under the scanner for the use of artificial electro-magnetic radiation. While this leads to exposure to very high levels […]

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What you should know about Electromagnetic radiation exposures?

Exposure to Celltower radiation

Did you know? 1. If your home is within 150 meter distance of a cell tower, your cell tower radiation exposure could be on the outer limits of safe zone (as defined in Bio-Initiative report) 2. If your home is too far from the cell tower, chances are the your cell phone radiation is higher […]

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ABP news: Ill effects of Mobile radiation


Hi Today we are featuring a news clip of ABP news (Hindi) dating back a couple of years (December 2013), which speaks about ill effects of mobile phone radiation. ABP news makes an interesting pitch on prevention of excess mobile phone radiation (00:50 to 04:12) which follows the directive by the government of India. 1. […]

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Electromagnetic hypersensitivity: No proof of harm isn’t proof of no harm

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Effects | Radiation Effects

Wikipedia describes Electromagnetic hypersensitivity to be characterised by variety of non-specific symptoms, which afflicted individuals attribute to exposure to Electromagnetic fields. Symptoms that are attributed to EHS range from fatigue, sleep disturbances, stress, headaches, migraine, nausea, muscle aches, itchy and pricky skin, skin rashes amongst other problems. However, there is little body of evidence that […]

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5 ways to protect your baby from EMF / EMR exposure

EMR baby protection

Babies are the most vulnerable to the risks from sustained exposure to appliance EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) and telecommunication based EMR (Electromagnetic radiation). The anatomical reason of this is because baby exo-skeleton (skull for instance) is more than a quarter times softer than a adult exo-skeleton. This increases specific absorption rate (SAR) in a baby by […]

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