What is a Radiation premise audit? How it works?


Brightsandz Technologies is a clean technology organization committed to delivering cleaner and healthier life to you and people around you. Over the course of our lives and days we are exposed to various degrees and kinds of pollutants and pollution. While our standard of life has improved, our long term exposures to such agents have […]

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Life Hack: Protect Your Unborn from Radiation

Life Hack Protect Your Unborn from Radiation | Maternity Dress Clothing | Anti Radiation MaterinityBelly Band

Electromagnetic radiation is all around us in the form of mobile phones, phone towers, microwave ovens and many other appliances and gadgets that we use in our everyday lives. The radiation emitted by these gadgets and appliances is known as non-ionizing radiation which is harmful to us in the long run. If you consider it […]

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Do You Know How Your Gadgets Are Threatening Unborn Babies?

Protect your unborn babies from your gadgets

The risk of electro magnetic radiation is prevalent everywhere in our modern lifestyles. There is radiation from communication towers, cellular phones, microwave ovens and almost all the appliances and devices that we use nowadays. Pregnant women and unborn babies are particularly at a higher risk from this unseen radiation. Exposure to electromagnetic radiation reduces male […]

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Why a Delhiite needs to bother about Electro Magnetic Radiation ?

Delhi Electromagnetic Radiation Unsafe

Electro Magnetic Radiation in Delhi- This blog follows a recent face-off, where-by the municipal authorities in Delhi have stopped giving clearances to telecom operators to set up towers in residential areas in Delhi NCR. This move has two broad outcomes – restriction on installation of mobile towers in residential complexes can cripple telecom services in […]

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EMF/EMR home audits: Have you assessed the risks at your home yet?


Cell phone towers have had a lion’s share of the negative publicity around electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR). Arguably so, because they are the most visible signs of risks that the society faces from Electro Magnetic radiation. However, the silent aspect that goes unnoticed is the effect that domestic appliances at our homes and living spaces […]

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Is your cellphone Microwaving you?


Blackberry was one of the few phone makers that put out stringent restrictions and caveats to consumers on usage of its phones in its user manuals. Apple also tucks in a atleast 5mm device to human body distance advisory in its phone. Follow the path About>Legal>RF Exposure on your iPhone to get there. Sadly we […]

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Is your Bedroom EMR safe?


Close to a fourth or third of our lives are spent in bedrooms. A fitful sleep is a natural aphrodisiac for a lot of health related problems. Given that this is a large static activity, it is key that we take adequate prevention towards excess radiation exposure at sleep. In this post, we list methods […]

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3 lifestyle choices towards limiting your radiation exposure


Forget the cell tower located at 100 metres distance from your home. Your greatest EMR ghost may be your pet device – that you tot around In the past few days, I have come across separate statements from a Union minister, a chairperson of a telecom regulatory body and a head of one of the […]

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How can i measure EMF in my home?


Mr. Victor Banerjee from Hindmotor, Kolkata and Mr.Himmat Bhandari from Chanheti, Bareilly are few of the many who doubt that everything is not right with the Telecom tower in their society or house premises. However they don’t know who to ask?  Both these individuals have contacted Brightsandz for a EMR home audit – one of our specialties. […]

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Why is the current citizen cell tower agitation getting things wrong?


  Over the last some years, we have seen citizen movements to remove cell phone towers from RWAs, societies and parks. These are well meaning initiatives except that they are possibly wrongly directed. The Indian authorities – Department of Telecommunication (DoT), Telecom Evaluation Centre (TEC) and Telecom Enforcement, Resource and Monitoring (TERM) cells have mandated cell […]

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