Is selfie a cause for wrinkles & skin damage?

Is selfies damage your skin DNA and give early wrinkles & aging

Reading this might get you goosebumps. Dermatologists are warning about the frequent electromagnetic radiation from our Smartphone, affecting our face. An innocuous act of shooting a selfie is potentially damaging for our skin’s DNA and speeding the aging process and premature wrinkles, as published by The Telegraph. Dermatologist Zein Obagi, the founder of Obagi Skin […]

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Why your children face greater threat from Microwave Radiation than you ever did

Sleeping child

Increased exposure of children to cellphones, Wifi and the digital network ensure that childhood is not “The wonder years” anymore. As parents, most of us would be very careful not to expose our children to vehicle fumes, pesticides, lead compounds. These amongst about 250 other agents are identified as class 2B carcinogens – cancer causing […]

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Carrying your mobile in your trouser pocket? Here’s what it can do to your fertility.

Trouser Pocket

Around 95% of us carry our mobile phones in our trouser pockets. Many of us carry two mobiles in two pockets. Some of us use a bluetooth for speaking but we keep the phone in the trouser pocket. Here’s a compilation of known effects of cell phone radiation on the male sperm. As a nation, […]

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Is your Bedroom EMR safe?


Close to a fourth or third of our lives are spent in bedrooms. A fitful sleep is a natural aphrodisiac for a lot of health related problems. Given that this is a large static activity, it is key that we take adequate prevention towards excess radiation exposure at sleep. In this post, we list methods […]

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3 lifestyle choices towards limiting your radiation exposure


Forget the cell tower located at 100 metres distance from your home. Your greatest EMR ghost may be your pet device – that you tot around In the past few days, I have come across separate statements from a Union minister, a chairperson of a telecom regulatory body and a head of one of the […]

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