Mobile Tower Radiation norms Absurd, says WHO

cell tower

Communication with the help of Technology has become a globally recognized important tool for socio-economic development of a nation. It has become more of a core infrastructure requirement for growth and modernization of various sectors of a nation. Today, India is inevitably stands amongst top three of largest and one of the fastest growing telecom […]

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ABP news: Ill effects of Mobile radiation


Hi Today we are featuring a news clip of ABP news (Hindi) dating back a couple of years (December 2013), which speaks about ill effects of mobile phone radiation. ABP news makes an interesting pitch on prevention of excess mobile phone radiation (00:50 to 04:12) which follows the directive by the government of India. 1. […]

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EMR: The lies and half truths that “they” would like you to believe


The Economic Times carried an article yesterday, about EMR – trying to allay fears and confusion around it. When we deconstructed the facts borne in the article, we found that most of them were misleading – either blatant lies or convenient half truths. There after, we put the facts in perspective and are re-printing what […]

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