Do anti-radiation chips for mobiles really work?


Ever bought medicines for your child’s ailment from the roadside quack? If you dont consider doing that, why do you consider purchasing an anti-radiation chip for your mobile.

Ever since we formed Brightsandz Technologies, there is a part in us – which has wanted to trade in radiation chips for mobiles, laptops, tablets. The trade margins for such products is huge. Available for as low as 12 cents in China markets, these radiation protection chips sell for anything between Rs.20 (30 cents) to Rs.350 ($5) in the markets. When we first tested these radiation chips – we found nothing – well absolutely nothing. The anti-radiation mobile chip was a quack – and in fact worse – far from cutting down on radiation, it was altering radiation profile of the device and contrary to the expectation that it would reduce radiation, it was complicating the radiation profile of the phones.

1. There is no science supporting the hypothesis that a 1cm circular chip (or rectangular chip) has anything to do being able to reduce EMF radiation that a phone recieves or gives out.
2. There are no instructions for fixing this chips. A user can purchase it and stick it. Really now? Impeding radiation is a child’s play is it?
3. There is a definitive antenna pattern for every phone. By fixing a sticker you are at best doing no good, and at worst, altering the EMF wave form of the mobile phone making it possibly worse.
4. The OEM has already worked out the best antenna configuration for you and a randomly placed chip is possibly adding no value to the equation.

Read this blog to understand the effects of anti-radiation chips for mobile phones.

Anti-radiation chips for mobile phones – donot invest in these quacks!

Therefore our suggestion to people who are mulling purchase of such devices – please conserve your monies. Please donot waste it on such quacks. It will only exacerbate and complicate your problem.

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