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An injury which can be localized, felt and explained is the first step to a solution, but what about ones which we cannot even describe or show or even feel….they are harmful. For example, an injury on the body can be treated by a doctor, providing a solution to safeguard it from affecting our body. Another example, when lighting occurs we safeguard ourselves and others by not going out or stay away from electric appliances.

Let’s understand again What are electromagnetic fields?

We have read in our school that, Electric fields are created by difference in voltages – the higher the voltage, the stronger will be the field effect. And Magnetic fields are created when electric current flows and the greater the current, the stronger the magnetic field.  But an electric field will also exist even when there is no current flowing. And if current does flow, the strength of the magnetic field will vary with power consumption but the electric field strength will be constant.

(Extract from Electromagnetic fields published by the WHO Regional Office for Europe in 1999 (Local authorities, health and environment briefing pamphlet series; 32).

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Now before elaborating more on the facts of Good or Bad EMF, there are mainly 4 forms of EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation), they include: (these are mostly the BAD ones)

Electric– Any appliance is provided electricity by incoming power lines to, an electric field is created.

Example include –

  • External Sources like Electric power lines, Transformers, Electrical boxes, Invertors, Stabilizers, Circuit Boards, and wiring,
  • Kitchen appliances such as Toasters, Coffee machine, Microwaves (which have both an electric and ionizing radiation field),
  • Household appliances such as Fan, ACs, Lamps, Tube lights, Air conditioners, hair dryer etc,
  • Electronic devices such as computers, laptops, printers, cell phone chargers, televisions and many more – anything that is connected to an electric source.

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The chart above illustrates how the magnetic field exposure lessens with an increase in distance from typical electric sources at home.

Recommended safe distance: Emissions from power in houses normally extends from 4 to 15 feet from the wiring or device also depending on current inflow. Below 10 v/m, preferably below 1 v/m (at 50/60 hz).

Magnetic– Anything having a magnetic field which could come from an electric source.

Magnetic fields generate from two sources:

  1. From moving electric currents or
  2. From electro motion

So, all electrical sources above will also have a magnetic field and additionally, the greater the current the stronger the magnetic field. (Devices such as are Gas powered engines – A/C units, Grass Mowers, 4 wheelers, motorcycles, Generators etc – Incomplete line).

The recommended threshold exposure limit for magnetic fields is: Below 200 nt (2.00 mg), preferably below 20 nt (.20 mg) (at 50/60 hz).

(With kind permission from the National Radiological Protection Board, UK) Electric fields around the wire to an appliance only cease to exist when the appliance is unplugged or switched off at the wall.

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Wireless/RF/WiFi/Microwave Anything that communicates with a wireless signal using radio frequency, microwave, Wifi, etc.

Examples of cellular EMF Emissions

Computer, video, mobile phone, wireless house phones, printers, laptops, palm computers, MP3, business and public service communication systems, Cell phones, cell towers, broadband towers and routers, GPS, service providers.

A note to keep in mind – Many, if not most, electronics have the option of being wired or wireless. What we people are unaware of is that even if we have a device wired, it still radiates until we turn off the wireless capability – and that which is not even possible with some devices.

Recommended Safe distance:  For best EMF protection, the goal should be no wireless radiation in your regular environment.

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Ionizing The most powerful at low doses with shorter wave lengths includes gamma rays, UV rays and X-rays.

Sources of such include in Medical therapy such as radiation therapy, radioactive iodine, PET or SPECT/CT, white blood cell scans, mammography (use thermography instead), X-rays,; Airport X-rays,

Emissions from (Burning fossil fuels) coal fired power plants, from Nuclear power plants, from (Combustible fuel) Gas and coal, nuclear weapon test sites, radon in homes,

(Building material) such as smoke detectors and hoses for floor heating, cathode ray tubes in televisions, computer screens, integrated circuits, luminous watches, fluorescent lights, tobacco, etc

Important Note to keep in mind –

Such low dose exposure causes damage to living tissue in our body and their effects include cancer, tumors and genetic (DNA) damage. This category is harder to sense but is usually measured with various categories of meters.

In summary, we need to remember, it is the distance, strength and length of exposure that determines your health risk. For best EMF protection we need to have proper inspection (Premise Audit), as that will boil down to how much EMF emissions we are getting exposed to day by day. To get safety protection of self and your house click Radiation Protection Service

I guess, now reading above all the matter have made you scared and left you thinking “Where am I?” and How to stay away from such effects and lead a healthy life with style.

But we are not done yet, there is a good news, we have good EMF too, lets read them (as we are constantly being terrorized by negativity)

Good Types of Electromagnetic Radiation

To be a categorized as good electromagnetic radiation, the frequency has to be good for the body both short term and long term and not just produce a change reaction. And in order for this to happen, the frequency must be a God-given original frequency of the human body. Some sources of good types of electromagnetic radiation are:

  • Earth’s frequency – We all heard about Earthing, wherein our body is in physical touch with the bare earth. The earth has special frequencies that help in grounding and restoring the body’s original healthy frequencies.
  • Schuman Resonance – This is a man-produced frequency of the earth’s electromagnetic fields which is the same as earth’s frequency but can be ‘placed’ in your environment to assist with EMF protection. NASA has been using Schuman Resonance frequencies for decades to protect astronauts while they are out of touch with the earth’s natural frequency source.

For EMF protection, get your premise audit test done and find out where and how strong your bad types of EMR are and choose accordingly a healthy lifestyle that includes regular balancing of the good types of electromagnetic radiation.




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  • Thank you for a good explanation, you are helping people to be aware. It is crucial to know how to minimize the risks from electromagnetic radiation.

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    Kindly suggest some remedies to reduce this health hazard due to Electro Magnetic Radiation please.

    • Dear Ramesh

      Thanks for corresponding with us. We apologize for the delay in responding back to you. We take cognizance of the possible health effects from Electro Magnetic Radiation – you will find lots of dos and donts on our site. You will have to be precise in the question – what remedies (personal/ premise/ device) and for who (child/ adult etc)?

      We will be able to answer in greater depth and detail only when we have such particulars. for general precautions, please refer to our blogs.

      Team Brightsandz

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