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Home Audit

Assess EMR / EMF risks at your home

Note: As of now we are scanning EMR / EMF at PIN code 110075/110077 only in New Delhi.


We use caliberated Cornet 78DS dosimeters and Trifield 100XE Gaussimeters for recording EMF and EMR in your premises.


Empathy, Understanding and Awareness are the cornerstones for our services. Our solution suite is customized to you, your needs and your family..


We measure the external noise, in home EMF and the EMF signatures from all electronic appliances at your premises.


What we measure? What instruments do we use for measuring home EMR and EMF?


What certifications and standards do we follow? Our reporting templates..


Your guide to frequently asked questions and queries

No matter where you live, you will always be exposed to electromagnetic radiation from some source or the other. First you need to find out what levels of EMF/RF exposures you are exposed to.

BrightSandz home audit will help you identify the EMF outages at your home and provide solutions there-on.



Our Benefits

  • A team comprising of 4 technology and telecom professionals with 50+ years of experience in telecom.
  • World class devices (Caliberation certification applied for from National Physics Laboratory).
  • Transparent and rigorous mapping and audit processes.
  • Customized solutions as per outage risk and degree of exposure.

Our suite of Solutions

  • EMF / Mobile radiation shield.
  • Maternity Apron
  • Maternity Belly Blanket (On order)
  • Maternity Belly Band (On Order)
  • Radiation shielding curtains and blinds (On order)

Reducing EMR outages is a combination of lifestyle changes & applications of solutions where ever required. Don’t assume that a single solution will fix the entire problem. Kindly fill up the form above with your required ‘details’.