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The 7th edition of the iconic Apple iPhone is on the stands. (Maynot exactly be the 7th version given the “S” and “SE” versions.) There are those in us, who have invested or intend to invest in this iconic device. With all that awesomeness and the exclusivity, the iPhone always lives upto the billing – Others’ envy. Owners’ pride. But here’s some reality check on the iPhone 7 and 7+ versions.

Did you know that the SAR value of the iPhone 7/7+ make it the highest radiating phones created by Apple? Read about SAR values here.

As per information from the Apple website. the iPhone 7/7+ are the highest radiating phones ever created by Apple. And the difference in SAR value comparisons is size-able. To be fair enough, the SAR value is pretty much under the thresholds provided by FCC and European SAR value limitations. However, the current trend of making mobile phones thinner seems to be pushing the overall handset SAR values towards the higher reaches.

How Apple 7 and 7+ outpace the rest of Apple iPhones released this far in terms of SAR and radiation.

The iPhone7 and 7+ have the highest SAR values as compared to all other iPhone released by Apple.

What looks to be coming through is that SAR value increase is concurrent with design improvements and reducing thickness of the iPhones. The iPhone 4 for instance had a thickness of 9.3mm and the iPhone 7 has a thickness of 7.1mm. Thats a reduction of 23% thickness accompanied by a 48% increase in SAR value. Also to be factored is the fact that declared SAR values of iPhones are based on single connections. We however miss that at any point of time, the iPhone may have multiple connections (Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC, GPS) – and thereby its SAR value in real time is well above 1.6W/kg. Maintaining a distance of 5mm between the phone and body is a key advisory and practise that we all miss.(NB: There could be other factors that contribute to the increase in SAR value as well).

In its official website, Apple has issued an advisory asking users to maintain a distance of 5mm (or more) between the iPhone and the body.

Apple's advisory on 5mm distance between the body and its iPhone7/7+

Apple issues an advisory to all users to hold the iPhone7/7+ at a minimum distance of 5mm from body.

Again, this post is not to scare enthusiasts from desisting from their iPhone purchases. Thereby we are providing these simple set of 10 hacks which would reduce iPhone radiation exposures by multiple factors. We can effectively neutralize radiation from our iPhones by bringing forth very few changes to our lifestyles.

Reduce your radiation exposure by following these simple hacks

Infograohic: Hacks to lower iPhone radiation exposure

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