Is Radiation from Smartphone cause of my Headache?

cell phone radiation

Time spent with our smart phones is more than we spend with our family, friends or with our relatives or with self. Today we have become more addicted and prone to the technology, to the help we seek and receive from such technical support. Today we have conditioned ourselves with the emoticons and shorthand texts that are causing and losing the value of communication, be it in a personal or professional world.

Numerous times we have heard that radiation is causing harm to humans, but there has been no evidence that aptly proves its point. Though on the contrary, consumers getting headaches are becoming an increasing problem. There could be two reasons for a headache.

We use what is referred to us as “cellular telephone system” wherein the coverage area is divided into ‘cells’ and each of which is linked to a base station antenna. Now we are all aware that cell phones use Electromagnetic radiation around 2.5 GHz range, which falls in the Microwave range. So when we talk our mobile phone acts as transmitter taking the sound and encodes on to a continuous “sine wave”. Once the encoded sound gets synced or connects with the sine wave, the transmitter sends the signal, as an electromagnetic wave or radiation, to the base station tower. The base station antenna emits waves or radiations continuously and thus keeps this continuous process to help us keep the link connected with the subscribers. Part of this radio wave emitted both from the mobile phone and base tower is absorbed by us.

Now when we are connected with the world using the mobile handset for hours (mostly) in a day most of the heating effects occur around our ear, head surface and even in the brain, causing some minutes of dizziness and heating up of handsets. Under such circumstance, the phone becomes a hot bed for Radiation and EMF. The occurrence of headaches or any disruption in the body caused from mobile phone radiation is a hotly debated and contested one. Bodies such as ICNIRP rule out the health effects of cell phone radiation. However, there is scientific evidence on the (negative) health effects of cell phone radiation.

In short, biological effects from Mobile phone radiation summarized into –

  • Whistling sound in the ear
  • Dizziness in the brain
  • Burning sensation in Ear
  • Lack of concentration
  • Lethargy and lack of sleep
  • Itching in eye may cause Premature Cataract

However, on overall understandability following cautions are advised in terms of exposure to cell phone radiation.

  • Don’t use cell phones for calls more than 2 – 3 minutes.
  • Use earphones for long conversations.
  • Don’t carry a cell phone in your pockets.
  • Don’t use cell phones in low network area zones.
  • Don’t use your cell phone while driving.
  • Limit exposure of cell phone to kids.
  • If your phone feels heated, cut short the conversation.
  • Prior to giving the cell phone to your kid, put it in the airplane mode first.


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