Is selfie a cause for wrinkles & skin damage?

Is selfies damage your skin DNA and give early wrinkles & aging

Reading this might get you goosebumps. Dermatologists are warning about the frequent electromagnetic radiation from our Smartphone, affecting our face. An innocuous act of shooting a selfie is potentially damaging for our skin’s DNA and speeding the aging process and premature wrinkles, as published by The Telegraph.

Dermatologist Zein Obagi, the founder of Obagi Skin Health Institute, based in Beverly Hills, spoke with The Telegraph, “Your cell phone will damage your skin. It is not documented, and I can tell for sure whether someone uses their right or left hand to hold their phone. In my clinical observation, I can see dull, dirty-looking textures on the side of the exposed part.”

Medical Director of Linia Skin Clinic, London, Simon Zokaei, added, “It’s high time that bloggers and selfies addicts to be worried about. Even the blue color from screens causes damage to our skins.”

“Cell phones emit radio-frequency (known as radio waves), a non-ionizing radiation from antennas. Tissues nearest to the antenna can absorb this energy, which is associated with skin aging and wrinkles, leading to a major cause of skin cancer,” said by Justin Ko, MD, Director of medical dermatology and clinical associate professor at Stanford Health Care. He also adds, “There isn’t much evidence to link cell phones with premature aging or skin cancer. This is a different wavelength than ultraviolet rays from Sun or tanned by exposure, which is associated with skin aging and wrinkles causing skin cancer. Studies and theories have been analyzed over and over again about potential health effects of non-ionizing radiation, and no conclusive or consistent evidence has been found to say non-ionizing radiation leads to an increase in skin cancer.”

However, Ko explains, “Heating is a key biological effect of radio-frequency. Long duration use of cell phones may cause local tissue heating, which later on turns onto skin rash called erythema ab igne (EAI), which is generally observed afflicting people using laptops on the laps for long durations. Presently there doesn’t exist any direct evidence or study which manifests the effect of wrinkles or aging caused by cell phone. That doesn’t mean, however, that none exists.”

Justin Ko clearly relates that “There are other skin issues brought on by using smartphones. They can make prone to acne on the side of the face being held.” Phones too often harbor high concentrations of harmful bacteria that contribute to skin infections. Ko is frequented by patients having contact allergies (metal allergies) or phones cases (rubber cases). “Holding your phone against the face for long duration could predispose one to wrinkles, like sleep lines, as caused by pillows during sleep,” explained Ko.

Ko recommends an easy solution: Try to use a hands-free unit, which will bring distance between the antenna and brain, skin, or from the radio frequency emitting source.

Brightsandz in association with Smart&Safe, Israel has introduced the EchoTubeZ range of earphones which is based upon the patented Stereo Acoustic Air Tube technology. The EchoTubesZ earphones are free of metal wiring which prevents build up on any direct radiation from reaching the head and the brain by up to 98%. This is independently proven by FCC laboratory testing in the US.

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