Noida’s latest health threat: Mobile Signal boosters

mobile boosters

NOIDA: Are mobile boosters for boosting signals been installed at your home for better cell phone reception? If yes, both you & your family are being exposed to harmful radiation which can be the cause of memory loss, headaches & even lower sperm count, as Indian Medical Association warned.

There has been tremendous boost in sale of signal boosters with mobile phone towers being moved away from inhabited areas to outskirts, quite ironically, prevent excessive exposure to radio frequency discharging & radiating from them.

The boosters are available across national capital region which may range from Rs 2,000-Rs 20,000. There are complaints of low mobile signals in almost all sectors in and around Noida. This retailing of mobile boosters for improving signals has been witnessing three-fold increase in one year. Earlier we sold five boosters per day approximately. Current annual signal booster market in Noida is worth around Rs 100 crore, Mr Navneet Sharma said, a supplier in Noida. Across Noida alone, market has grown up to around Rs 100 crore, as claimed by trader.

The Noida Authority recently de-installed several mobile towers away from residential areas to nearby green belts, which can lead to connectivity complaints across sectors, pushing up orders for signal boosters.

Not only people living in high-building, but those who deal in these boosters in last one year have started getting increased clients from unauthorized colonies too. Since buildings are narrowly packed, most residents do not get proper mobile network. These signal Boosters are easy to plug-in devices & are available at cheap prices, says S. Mahrotra, dealer based in Karol Bagh.

And correct enough; product is tailored for everyone. Price Starts at Rs 2,000, devices are available in Nehru Place and Karol Bagh, pricing at Rs 20,000. As per Mr. Sharma, expensive ones are most-sought behind. Though low-end signal-boosters are priced ranging from Rs 6,000-Rs 9,000, they are ineffective. Most preferred boosters are in range of Rs 18,000 & Rs 20,000.

However, according to Dr AK Agarwal, president, Indian Medical Association, Noida, & this purchase may hurt your pocket and also your health. “In-house signal boosters should be completely avoided as it can be a certain health hazard. As signals get boosted, radiation emission goes up & people in house, inclusive of children, get exposed to higher radiation levels.”

Short period exposure may also root memory loss, slowed reaction, sleep distraction, also headaches, increased pulse rate, dizziness & even lower sperm count, says Mr Agarwal, recommending high-range towers to prevent exposure.

According to Dr Ajay Purung of Metro Group of hospitals in Noida, radiation is particularly harmful for pregnant ladies. Females who are pregnant shouldn’t spend time near in-house boosters as radiation can cause abnormalities in unborn baby.

However, not everyone in medical fraternity agrees with Agarwal & Purung. As far as I know there is no scientific evidence to suggest that signal boosters or mobile towers can cause such a problem, Dr Smita said, who heads the psychiatry department at RM Lohia Hospital.

As per WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), radiation that’s emitted from cell phone handsets is possibly carcinogenic for humans & may cause glioma, which is a type of brain cancer and which puts emission radiating from cell phones & microwaves in same cancer risk category as lead, DDT & chloroform.

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