We live in a hyper connected world where we are exposed to cell phone radiation in active manner (call time or data time) or passive manner (in EMR heavy locations) for about 12-14 hours or more in a day. Is this a good enough reason for you to be conscious of EMR and its ill-effects on your health and health of those around you?

Every moment of your day, you are subject to many hundred units of high dosage Electro-Magnetic Radiation. As a species, we are exposed to million times more EMR than our parent’s generations. Chronic exposure to Electro magnetic radiation (EMR) has proven adverse health effects on humans. Any and all electronic devices are potential sources of Electro Magnetic Radiation. However, in the current context, Cellphone towers/ Cellphones and WiFi based Home Appliances are the biggest EMR threats. While the perceived threat is high in certain age groups (Unborn children and kids upto 10 years age), there is empirical evidence that EMR has a harmful impact on adults as well.

  • Unborn babies have the highest threat perception from EMR
  • Kids also have significantly high threat perceptions from EMR
  • Adults also have high threat perceptions from EMR

The high density of population in Indian cities along with lack of awareness has led to confusion and anxiety make matters worse for us. A few steps that you can take to reduce your active radiation intake could be

  • Use deskphones as much as possible. The EMR exposure in desk phones is negligible
  • If you have to use cell phone, use it for short duration calls
  • If you have to use a cell phone for a long duration call, use a handfree, preferably wired again.
  • Switch of WiFi if not being used. It is extremely harmful
  • If you need to provide your kid your smartphone or tablet for gaming, please put it on Airplace mode.
  • Do not sleep with your smartphone cell phone close to your bed. It disrupts sleep patterns
  • Don’t carry your smartphone to every place under it is really necessary

These are some steps that can be taken to actively reduce exposure to EMR. Beyond these measures, there are products that can be used to reduce exposure to passive EMR.