Life Hack: Protect Your Unborn from Radiation

Life Hack Protect Your Unborn from Radiation | Maternity Dress Clothing | Anti Radiation MaterinityBelly Band

Electromagnetic radiation is all around us in the form of mobile phones, phone towers, microwave ovens and many other appliances and gadgets that we use in our everyday lives. The radiation emitted by these gadgets and appliances is known as non-ionizing radiation which is harmful to us in the long run. If you consider it […]

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The definite list of top 6 EMR/EMF sources around you

EMR EMF Radiation wifi

There’s more harm from EMF/EMR done from your domestic appliances and devices that you carry on you, then the EMR “noise” from mobile telephony towers. Here’s putting in the the definitive list of the top 6 EMR/EMF sources around you. Citizen and RWA movements against mobile tower radiation have been on the rise. It has […]

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