The curious case of the dying frog in hot water

The curious case of the dying frog in hot water

The irony is that we are the dying frog.

Let me take you back to an interesting and highly debated metaphor of the frog in hot water. Essentially, the metaphor is that a frog is placed in a deep pan of normal water. The frog floats around and may occasionally eat a few things you may feed it too. Now then, when we start heating this pan slowly enough, the frog doesn’t realize the heating and keeps floating & kicking around. The frog’s body would have adjusted to the rising temperatures and would be getting fatigued, but it still is not a life threatening situation. Keep increasing the temperature at a steady gradient. At some point, the temperature would jolt a finger to the realization of boiling. Meanwhile our frog would still not feel the difference but would be slipping into heavy fatigue induced stupor. At some point, this would put the frog into a coma, as the frog’s internal organs would shut down to save themselves from very high thermal stress. The frog would float its way through to death in steaming water – at no point making any effort to jump out of the heated water. There have been many counter arguments to this premise. I believe this whole premise has been dismissed in the modern scientific thought – the frog it seems is able to fight its way with increasing heat. But then I am not concerned about the fact – as I said, I am more keen on the metaphor.

Like every metaphor which warrants an analogy- I provide the historical and recorded episode of air & water pollution. Empirically, every generation of human existence had access to less cleaner air & water than preceding generations. ( Any unintended errors around this statement is regretted. One can get around by judicious use of “empirical”!!). So our ancestors typically had more natural (and healthier) air and water. Rapid industrialisation, use of pesticides, the pressures of growth and population, modernisation, burning of fossil fuels have exacted a cost on the natural side of things- in our case, water and air. We haven’t realised this in our passive senses – just like the frog did not realise the increasing temperatures. The Passover to more polluted air & water has exacted a cost on us in terms of health problems- respiratory, pressure, digestion and more. Health costs have gone up, health insurance has become a must and a cost that we can not do without. 150 years earlier, the concept of health insurance was an unknown entity. (I do understand that over 150 years, the longevity factor has multiplied substantially.) Even then, the pollution of air and water are certain irrevocable and uncontested facts.

So then, that brings me to the what is it that we are doing here? BrightSandz is here to create awareness and educate you about the ill born effects of Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR). Today in 2015, we are exposed to multiple more sources and magnitudes of electromagnetic radiation than our exposures to EMR 15 years back … in the year 2000. Estimates put our EMR as 100 million times higher than that of our parent’s generations. In absence of any telling starting point evidence, it is difficult to quantify the magnification of exposures. One thing that we are convinced of is that this high exposure to EMR is not a very healthy. Like the frog, we are unable to feel this gradient difference. More importantly we are unaware of the hazards associated and our confusion and ignorance complicate a meaningful understanding of EMR.

The increased usage of EMR in our lives does not just exact a high health cost on us, but it also means that our children are prone and induced to many times higher dosages of EMR than we were at the same stages of childhood. An action is therefore justified – to prove and disprove the debate around the health risks of EMR .BrightSandz Technologies objectifies the same while measuring the metrics and providing solutions.

(BrightSandz is an EMR consultancy that is focused on bringing clarity in this space – and provide actionable and solutions there off.)

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