The Effects of Non-Ionizing Radiation in Modern World and Its Remedies

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Recently there is a great increase in awareness about environmental pollution and various measures are being taken by authorities and individuals to curb it. Pollution is an inevitable outcome of technical advancement and as technology is evolving so is the kind and extent of pollution. One of the pollutants that until recently no one thought about is non-ionizing radiation. This is the electromagnetic radiation emitted by power lines, mobile phones, microwave ovens and other devices and appliances that we use in daily life.

Recently a lot of groups and individuals are raising their voice regarding this silent but deadly pollutant. Although there is no hard evidence of the harm to humans caused by non-ionizing radiation, most experts believe that it can be held responsible for many ailments including cancer. The unborn babies are especially at a risk from this type of electromagnetic radiation. If unborn babies are exposed to radiation during the gestation period it can cause major harm to the development of the brain. This, in turn can lead to severe mental retardation.

At the same time, the exposure to radiation can also cause an endocrinal system to malfunction causing many hormonal imbalances in the child when it is born. This is the reason that it is necessary to protect your unborn babies from non-ionizing radiation.

Let us look at some of the methods to protect your unborn babies from non-ionizing radiation:

  • First of all, avoid using mobile phones and if you need to use them keep the call duration short.
  • Even if the duration is long then you should use a wired hands-free headset
  • Avoid the use of microwave oven and use a stove or a regular oven to do your cooking
  • Do not take residencies at places where there are high tension cables running overhead
  • Do not sleep with the mobile phone near you at night

Coming back to the topic of non-ionizing radiation, nowadays some companies have started manufacturing anti-radiation garments which protect the unborn baby in the womb from the exposure to radiation. These garments can be in the form of skirts, tops, dresses and more. Such anti-radiation garments are easily available on the internet on websites that specialize in selling them, all you have to do is provide details like size and your address. The payment can also be made through safe gateways so that there is no danger of your personal and financial information being used by any other party.

The fabric used to create these anti-radiation garments is made from metal fibroids and cotton. The metal fibroids create a shield around the pregnant mother which repels radiation and also absorbs it to a certain extent. This ensures that the lady and the unborn child are both protected. The cotton on the other hand makes the fabric soft, breathable and also comfortable.


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